been a single dad for 6-7weeks. seeking friends as gave up work.

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    Hi Doc

    Always here for a chat.

    Yes it gets extremely lonely as I’ve been doing same for my kids.

    I was with my partner for 16 years when she decided to leave and left me with kids.

    She met someone else within 4 months knowing were all at home heartbroken. 1 year on and me and kids have our routine and things are slowly on the mend. Everyone say time a great healer and will make you a stronger person but it doesn’t feel like it.

    So totally understand your pain and loneliness. Stay strong for the kids your doing a fantastic job.

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    Hey, I’m in same position my husband of 21 years has been having an affair with our best friend for over a year, he has now left to be with her and left me with three children, he’s been gone two months, so if you need a chat feel free to message, I can totally relate what your going through, I too am dealing with all the financial side as well, and the loneliness is hard but my children make me smile, I’m sure yours do the same x

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    I’ve been a single mama to my one year old for 6 weeks too. Husband says he has changed and doesn’t love me anymore.

    I gave up my 6 year career as he was going to support us so our daughter didn’t have to go into nursery. Then a few months later he walks out. 8 years together and 5 years married.

    It is difficult knowing what to do next, very lonely when I have no job and not many friends either.

    Dont really have any advice unfortunately but just showing solidarity & seeking advice myself!


Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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