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    Hello All.

    My husband wants a divorce. We have a 15 months old son. I don’t want to divorce as I don’t want to do this to my son and I do believe things could get better if he wanted to change too but sadly he doesn’t want to.

    We are renting and I cannot stay in that place as roommates – even tho I think this would be the best option for our son. But I just cannot stand being there if nothing changes. The atmosphere is just so bad. He’s mentally abusing me, there is not one day where I don’t end up crying and upset and I can’t have this. It effects my work and will effect my son sooner or later. I need to be good, right?

    So what are my options? I do not have enough money to rent my own place and pay for rent and childcare and all living costs… I know I won’t get anything from him as he doesn’t have money either.

    My absolute last option would be to move back to my country as I would have support there. But I really don’t want him to not see his dad AND my husband would not let this happen without a fight anyway. I don’t have money to get a solicitor to see what his rights for custody are.

    So I guess my question is: would I get financial support? If I move out I’d like to stay in the same area as my son is familiar with it, but our area is really expensive.

    I’m worried that if I do get a flat allocated that it would be in a completely different area…

    I don’t know if I’m making sense… It’s just soooo much at the moment.

    Thank you for any advise you have.

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    Personally, if he is being mentally abusive, I would contact women’s aid first and see what advice they could give you, and also any help in regard to your housing situation. Be kind to yourself. It will get better. Good luck.

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    Please please read this back to yourself run take your little boy and leave go to your local council and declare homelessness they have a duty of care and will find you and your little boy so where safe to live I have been through something like this recently and honestly you and your son will thrive without him you and your son deserve to be safe and not worry constantly of tension and what may happen  Take care

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    Hi Summersun19

    I’m Justine, one of the moderators.  I’m sorry that you are going through this difficult period of time.  Its good to see members of the community offering you support.  I will be sending you a personal message with some signposting options that hopefully will be useful for you, so please look out for this.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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