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    This post is about what I have learnt and observed throughout all my experiences and everybody else’s relationships.

    I have realised that there are only 2 types of men/partners.

    There is the man who truly looks for a family, provides and looks after, making sure family stays together.

    These men are serious in their commitment and deserve real value.

    On the other hand, unfortunately, there’s the other man spectrum who sees women as an object,and, their true intentions are basically to fulfil their selfish needs.

    These of course can be abusive and destructive, ending up causing a serious harm to women who’s only wish is to receive and give love and ultimately start a beginning of something, building something real, a family.

    How can we distinguish each type?

    Very simple.

    Look out for actions. Consistent behaviour.

    Words, words, words, anyone can make amazing promises whenever it’s suitable.

    Actions are real and speak the louder.

    In conclusion, the truth lies before our eyes, simply look at people’s behaviour. This will tell you the real thing.

    Stay safe, with love


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    Great post

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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