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    So I have returned to work, been back 3 months. I teach but returned on the basis I would do office, mentoring, out of class. Now they want me to teach a class part time. The hours will be long, i am scared of the work load. I am considering quitting but I’m scared of that too. Has anyone else not returned after maternity leave?

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    I haven’t returned to work yet but dreading it after maternity leave. After having a year with my baby I have realised how precious life is and time flys by so fast. I don’t think you are a failure for thinking like this. It sounds like you know yourself and what makes you happy. Have you explored the idea of part time work instead of full time?

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    Andrew uk

    If it’s just one class would it be too much work? Is it primary or secondary? Why not explain your concerns etc to the Head?

    There’s always supply?

    You could say you have a full-time job- being a mum.

    I think the feelings are totally rational and perfectly normal.

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    I returned to work when my child was 10 months .I returned part time but the nursery was 45 minutes away plus I had to catch a bus and two trains to get to work  . Sometimes I existed on 2 hours asleep and I was robotic for 6 months no help from no where.

    So the child is 7 years old and I’m glad that I continued to work . It was a huge struggle but your inner strength will help you

    I have a salary coming in and we can afford to pay our bills and eat . Please reduce your days and seek tax credit your little one will grow so quickly .



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