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    Hi new too this site. I’m a single dad to a 3 year old boy he has been living with me since the age of 6 months. His mum sadly doesn’t try to make contact or pay for him so he’s with me 24/7. We are Currently going through numerous tests due to ongoing issues. We are now going through tests as they believe he’s autistic and may have fetal alcohol syndrome. Does anyone have any advice on best way to deal and prepare for the future.


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    Hi my son also has autism and im lost and dont know where to turn as ive had a very messy seperation from my husband, have you tried contacting the national autistic society, if you have access to the internet their easy to find, and also i used to live in county durham and their was help such as durham county carers, which county are you from as i think most countys have a carers service available.

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    Getting tested for autism is a long process and involves numerous visits to speech therapist, psychologist and then finally the paediatric consultant. All I can say is home cooked food, lots of fish like salmon and cod can help with feeding the brain and makes them calmer.they like routine too

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