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    <b>My ex is currently not allowed any contact with me or my child & has been told to take it to court for contact. My child has revealed to me his dad has “touched him & vice versa” I contacted the police & social services. The police left it to social services to handle. They visited yesterday but my child clammed up & wouldn’t speak about what they had told me. I explained my child was nervous around new people & he didn’t trust many people because he had been physically abused in the past by 2 of his dad’s partners but nothing was ever done about it so my child now thinks everyone is calling him a liar. Social services that nothing would come of the meeting they had with my child yesterday because of no evidence so I asked what to do now because I feared if it goes to court & my ex is granted access that he will do it again or maybe worse & I wouldn’t be there to protect my child. The social worker said there wasn’t much I could do apart from express my worries & concerns then the judge would decide. Our family intervention worker also stated that I couldn’t protect my child forever which upset & infuriated me because I’m a mother & my main priority is to make sure my child is safe & not at risk when I’m not present.</b>

    I asked if they would be doing any follow up visits to maybe talk to my child again when theywas more used to them & knew they could trust them but all I was told was that they would do some keep safe work with them.

    I feel like the whole justice system & local authorities are failing my child.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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