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    Hi there,

    I wondered if anyone has any experience of having an au pair whilst also claiming universal credit? I’m wanting to change jobs but the hours are less flexible and would need an au pair or similar as not home til way after school clubs finish. It coincides with my eldest daughter leaving home so I have a spare room but I’m wondering how this might affect my UC payments and if anyone knows if the au pair payment would be factored in as not registered childcare as such. Any advice would be brilliant thank you!

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    As far as I know the payments wouldn’t count towards universal credit . I am in this situation as I work until 8 pm some nights  and weekends and i can’t get a childminder to take 4 children , so I have a babysitter. It works out I work to pay the babysitter those hours as none of the money I pay her is counted as childcare expenses. It was supposed to just be a few weeks as my mum recovered from a knee replacement ( she usually does evenings)  but she’s had complications and its now 6 months and she needs more surgery.

    I don’t know specifically regarding au pairs but I did some looking into it when i was considering it myself. You have to look into things like if you own your home and have a mortgage you need to check with your mortgage and home insurance provider as some are funny about au pairs. If you rent you need permission from your landlord as it is not a member of your household and can invalidate their buildings insurance.

    I came to the conclusion as things stood a combination of childminder for youngest while older 3 at school and babysitter after school was cheapest option for me as I could claim for childminder and while babysitter is expensive by the time I added together cost of increased council tax and the £80 a week they say an au pair should get plus food and bills it just wasn’t worth it. I asked around and went on

    I know some people who have used au pairs and if you get a good one and have young children and earn enough so you don’t get any universal credit help they can work out well. But I know they had problems with some of them not getting on with the family, and there being someone always there and one just left after a week.

    Good luck deciding what to do.




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    This is so helpful- Thank you so much, Ishtar!

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    Don’t forget when you have an au pair they are limited on the number of hours they can provide childcare for. They are also not necessarily trained or have any qualifications


    if you get a Nanny, they are ofsted registered childcare providers so I should think you would be able to claim the childcare costs through universal credit. Might be worth asking a workcoach as I know there are limitations on childcare in your own home but I think that might be for family members.

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