Are children entitled to their own room if they only sleep every other weekend?

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    Hello everyone

    I’m involved in a mutual exchange at the minute but they are saying it can’t go ahead due to over crowding I have three children two girls 1 and 4 and a boy 6months. I am wanting to swap to another two bed as I see me and my son sharing as not an issue. But they are saying he needs his own bedroom at 6 months old?

    im desperate to swap as I’m dealing with abusive family member in my current location.

    if they come back and say a definite no my children’s paternal grandparents have said they will let my youngest sleep there the majority of the week and I look after the kids there in the day and take the girls back and have my boy here and there over night for a while till I’m in the house and my mental health is better.


    my question is if I have two girls and my boy every now and then would he still need his own room just for say weekend visits or would this be classed as coparenting and he doesn’t need his own room cause he’s not living with me permanently?

    im trying my hardest to get my children away from the constant fear and abuse we receive but they don’t seem to take into account how fearful we are here and also I need to be closer to my support due to my mental health.

    and also I’m in a two bed already and my bidding band hasn’t gone up since my youngest was born it doesn’t make sense..

    thank you 😊

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    Sorry to read your experiencing this!

    It does sound confusing, LHA website does state child of 6 months isn’t entitled to a bedroom … Maybe it’s different for a swap in the fine print?

    – might be worth asking them to provide you with the clause in writing?

    Charity ‘shelter’ are experts with all the changing housing law’s & worth reaching out to.

    Do you have support for the abusive situation? – advice from NDV helpline can be great, they might know of more options or you could get your priority band higher … I think in the evenings until 10pm they have a live chat option too.

    Hope things work out xx

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    I hope you are okay!

    I think the Gingerbread Helpline would be best placed to answer your question.

    I do hope it all works out for you 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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