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    to continue from my last post on Friday we had a huge argument about furniture and her doing me a favour by looking for my bank statement even though she couldn’t find it, it became a petty argument that got out of hand that her mum joined in and was threatening solicitors and calling me names through this I was calm and didn’t rise to it but I did say that I didn’t appreciate her smoking weed in the same house as my daughters in, I know I had a cheek but I never done it in the house I always done it outside away from her, this then led to them deleting and blocking me for it, I said during this that I was being awkward cause my partner was being awkward, then Sunday came and she had to take the wee one to the hospital both her and her mum messaged me as you I panicked and called her and she said not to worry it’s okay, then I find out she’s got her first tooth and I’ve been begging and pleading to see the wee one even a video call then yesterday I saw a solicitor because of their threats and the fact I want to see the wee one and I messaged my partner and said politely and nicely that I’ve seen one and that it’s okay it’s only about me seeing the wee one, I got a reply saying I ain’t signing nothing till my solicitor sees it, so I’m like okay when can I see the wee one to be told  she’s not well the now so you’ll have to wait, then today I saw family mediation and it got my hopes up a bit that this can be sorted so I messaged the partner again and we texted about the wee one and she sent pictures I asked if I can video call her cause it’s been a week since I’ve seen her and she said she’s not well see how she is, a couple of hours later I got in and I messaged is it okay to video call and she said she’s just went for a nap I then asked once she gets up can you do it then and I got ignored so I left it for a few hours more and I messaged just saying it’d be nice to video call tomorrow just to see her I miss the wee one and it’s been a week and it’s gett harder I then got ignored again and I then messaged to say please talk to me to which I got a reply if “I don’t know what to tell you my solicitor will be dealing with things I only messaged you to say we went to the hospital not an invitation for you to start with the apologies and trying to wipe the slate clean”. I obviously messaged and said “I just want to speak to you about the wee one I miss her and I just want to talk to one another without being blunt or ignored I’m a complete mess and everything I’ve done has been through emotion and I’ve apologised for every time I’ve stepped out of line because I don’t think right when we get in a heated argument and I’m trying to do everything right for all our sakes and so I can see the wee one and we have to talk for her sake and the next one and I’m not trying to be mean but you don’t know what it’s like not seeing her for a week it’s horrible”. She then ignored it, when I say ignored I mean she’s read it and not replied, what do I do, it’s my daughters first birthday on the 23rd she’s hosting it and I don’t even know if I’m allowed to be there cause my family aren’t going cause she called them up when this all started and called them bad parents cause I was an emotional wreck and was only showing it to her and her family but she saw it as my family not being supportive enough, I’m struggling to cope I’ve relapsed, I’ve locked myself in a room since Friday and I’m an emotional wreck, what have I done to deserve this, it’s went from bad to worse

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    Hi Charper

    I will be sending you a personal message with some signposting options.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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