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    Hi all,

    New to this. Ive moved over one hundred and fifty miles from everything I know. I’m finding it really hard. I have two girls aged 7 and 11.

    I’ve gone from working for full time to sitting and looking for work .I’m finding is so so hard. Having always worked I’m not even sure how to go out and meets friends. I don’t really have contact with people where I’m from so it’s very hard.

    I live my kids to bits but feel like I need some adult conversation and friendship. At the moment I don’t even have anyone who I could contact if something happened to me. The kids don’t see their dad. I really need some kind of support network and just people to chat to .Anyone e our there??

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    Hi. I don’t live in the area but thought this may help. Do the girls go to any classes outside of school like dance class or play a sport? I moved away from home a few years ago and some of my best friends now I met through taking my little boy to football and swimming. If you mention you’re new to the area they may take you under their wing. Hope this helps x

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    Thanks mammamia,

    My daughter is joining netball and my youngest wants to go back to doing judo. I will try and get them doing more things I think . As it would be good for all of us. I’m naturally shy and because of our circumstances we can’t talk alot about how we came to move it…that make socialising even more difficult. Ideally I just want to get to the point where I have someone who can come round for a cuppa and a chat!

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    I am in Shropshire and mum to one, I am always happy to do a day out/child centred activity. Loads of great places around here.

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    Evening all,

    New member to the community but have been browsing in the background reading posts for a while now and decided to try to reach out and find local people for friendship with similar interests.
    I am a single guy with shared parenting of a 6yr old boy living in Shropshire. I have been single now for about 20months and in reality it would be good to find someone In the same boat for long term friendships.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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