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    Hey guys

    Has anyone had to isolate with kids on your own? Im in this situation now and cant comprehend 2weeks stuck in day in day out. My 3year old son wont understand and my head is a mess and losing my support network is gonna stun me

    Any tips or advice from those in same position or been there?

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    I did it with my teen – that was hard enough


    TV? Was helpful when she was that age. Breath deeply a lot. Stretch your body a lot

    This may all sound rubbish but it did help me, and I live with a life-threatening condition!

    Good luck      wear him out, another way. Put music on and get him ‘dancing’

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    I’ve not yet but I expect we will at some point.

    I would personally get a piece of paper & do a count down so each day to can make off a day completed which is one step nearer the end.Then plan something for that day. Maybe go to the park.

    Each day do something new. A new TV program, doing some crafts, for example making hand print Angel’s or feet reindeer which would make gifts for friends & extended family, do some cooking.

    So each day you are doing something different and making good memories of that time too.

    Our church did a load of activities for children online during the national lockdown which are on YouTube. If you are interested message me & I’ll send you over the link.

    I’m sure you will not just survive this time but you will enjoy having time with your son doing things that maybe you just don’t get time for when you have to go here and there

    Let us know how you are doing.

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    Hi thank you both for your replies

    Living 66 yes i need to wear him out haha. He has so much energy but tbf he has been happy pottering about playing toys watching tele. He has just got all his books out and thrown them around. Im just letting him be a little rebellious as he isnt wrecking anything and isolation is tough enough


    We have enjoyed time together to be fair he has been really good. On a weekly normal routine basis he has his moments of playing up and this is when he has nusery family car rides days out to keep us occupied sometimes it makes no difference he is better behaved at home just me and him

    We made some halloween decorations weekend. Got my mum to bring paper plates paint and coloured paper so think we will do more this afternoon

    You are right in the week its up early 3 days nursery run. Work. Shopping and running around rushing. This has helped me in thr house ive done little bits when i have felt upto it. The house ive realised is spotless usually say its a mess and it never is

    Miss the fresh air we have a back yard which is ok but the rain has destroyed playing out. Today looks ok so i will get his coat and wellies on and even half hr this morning will be good

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    Great your mum can bring in supplies of craft things. One thing that popped into my mind. During lockdown my friends children with chalk coloured their yard and the house. It looked lovely but also when it rain & the colours run you can watch them. Then start painting again. Just an idea.

    Have a good day today

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    Thats a great idea and perfect for this weather. I never think of these things thank u. I will see if i can get some chalks brought Haha

    Everyday i get up and am daunted by another day but then as it hits mid afternoon we are fine

    Hope you are well

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    Renata L

    Hello! Here is too cold even for walking now, so yes, we are isolated. I have two sons, and we like to do something together, like reading and cooking or playing games. Since it was Halloween, we were decorating our house (sure, we stayed at home because there are a lot of ill people).

    I watched a lot of DIY challenges, maybe you will like it too!

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