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    So me and my son’s dad split around eight months ago, I had always wanted at least two children preferably only a couple of years apart as I was an only child until I was eight and remember wishing so much I had a brother or sister, but obviously that is no longer an option.


    My son is so sociable! He cant be in a park without wanting to run and hug everyone, play with every child etc. We cant walk into a shop without him asking for hugs from the shop assistants! While this is all very sweet, on the rare occasion he sees his cousin (lives quite far) who is a similar age he literally shrieks with joy. He was with an amazing childminder until March so he had more social interaction, but now due to coronavirus it has been just me and him pushing three months.


    Don’t get me wrong he is very happy day to day, no signs of loneliness, but I feel bad as I see how happy he is around more people, but I just don’t know what to do!



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    I know how you feel. We dropped off birthday presents today. My daughter went up to the house and  kissed the dog through the window and held her head. She started banging on the front door but luckily I had some sweets to distract her. We couldn’t go in so just chatted through the window. My daughter still goes to school thou.  Children miss their friends and the joys that school brings. I do feel sorry for you both.  Just keep getting out I guess each day if you can  obviously observing the distance. We have a garden and chat to. Our neighbour over the fence. My daughter only goes to school and plays in garden

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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