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    Wish I could ‘go with the flow’ a bit more and not feel so overwhelmed by all the things there are to do.

    Is this a feeling that everyone has? I’m currently trying to make our living space better and this in particular is challenging.

    I’m by no means over the top tidy but I’m currently trying to get rid of a whole load of stuff and de-clutter as it improves how I feel about the space and also should we move at any point, it would be easier.

    Any thoughts?


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    Hi jessicajones

    Yes I regularly feel overwhelmed!! I never get to the bottom of my lists but I guess that’s life eh?! I try to figure out what really needs to be done today and often realise it isn’t as much as I thought.  Easy to say but try not to think of all the millions of things that need to be done in the future and focus on today : )

    De-cluttering is a great idea – my kids and I have done lots as we’ve had to move around quite a bit. It really clears your head too – I find it quite liberating! Which part of the South West are you in? I’m in Gloucestershire…

    I hope you’ve had a better afternoon and can put your feet up soon : )



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    Hi jj

    yes I completely feel like I’m running to keep on top of life and it fails me immensely most days.

    i only have one so it must be so hard with more children.

    i think it’s sensible de cluttering. I had to downsize drastically when my ex left and so in the build up to that I cleared out what I could – things I hoarded in the hope if a second child that had sentimental meaning suddenly I had to be brutal with.
    When I got into our new home I realised I still had way too much stuff and so again sold what I could and used it to help pay the bills.
    I try to regularly have a purge where I encourage my son and I to go through our things to see what we no longer need and either give it to charity or sell it. I also encourage this when we bring new things into the house. I don’t like my house now and I hope to be in a position to move at some point and I feel the more I’m on top of it the less ominous the task will be.

    it also helps me feel less claustrophobic in a smaller house. I often feel trapped because I can’t just go for a walk on my own with a dog (she is no longer with us and I can’t afford another) or get a few minutes me time because of all the jobs at home as well as work. So clearing out and regularly changing the space around makes me feel a bit better for a few weeks at least.

    ive had to do a lot of work in this house and it’s so hard doing it alone and with a child running around. Plus I also find that tasks that people tell me are simple jobs and complex for me as it’s not something I’ve had to do before. That also makes it harder and I feel overwhelmed.

    I think you commented on another post about keeping on top of things and dealing with post as it comes is a great idea. I do this too and also take the recycling out daily and the food and normal waste once every couple of day’s. I try to tidy something daily, whether it’s some washing away, washing into the machine ready to go on, washing up away etc.

    I also this year have a diary. I find this helps me feel less trapped as I can see what I can look forward to and also how to plan my time. Sounds mad as I’m even writing in it when I’ll do the shopping. I find it helps get it out of my head!

    i don’t like being a single parent. It doesn’t suit the person I am, but my son’s father left 3 years ago. He was vile to me and this year I refuse to let him rob any more of my life from me. I’m going to give us the best life I can.

    I hope the feelings improve for you!
    taje care of yourself


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    Hi JJ,

    Think it’s perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed when trying to declutter.  Especially when the ‘keep because it might come in handy sometime’ pile starts to increase in size way larger than the Chuck it and Keep it piles!

    Um, maybe you could try the pomodoro thing, only tackle 1 small area for say 20 minutes?  Then have a break and leave the room so you’re not looking at it.  Bag up the rubbish piles as you go and get them out of the house soon as possible (speaking as someone who tends to leave them til I’ve enough to warrant a tip run – I don’t recommend that approach!) .   Or decide that only things you’ve used in the last year get to stay?  Success probably depends on how ruthless you can be.  Lists with jobs broken down into small achievable things?  Like (1.) Sort through 1 drawer. ?  A deadline helps me, when I’m feeling overwhelmed with jobs there’s nothing as effective as knowing I MUST push on coz the due date is looming.

    It would help to see some progress, so if you could totally clear the unwanted stuff from a small area then set it up again as you want it, even if that involves painting just that one wall now.  If you wait until the whole room is clear it can feel like demoralising, like nothing is improving.

    Good luck


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    Hi, yes I feel the same! I’ve recently moved to a new place and Ive lost my one friend in the past couple of days. Im battling everything by my self which in return makes me feel overwhelmed by everything! It’s horrible. I’ve only just joined this own thing as my mum mentioned it..I’m still getting used to it aha

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