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    Hello everyone


    Wow it’s nice to know in a way that all that I’m feeling isnt just me, it’s defo a horrible feeling and I hate the night times as well, I am getting better each day….


    Please feel free to msg me anytime if feel alone…


    All of us need to stick together xx

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    really glad you posted  this Hope.

    some times you thnk if you pretend enough then u’ll be fine. i thnk u have to learn tht its ok NOT to be ok.

    this page is so essential ur not alone xxx

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    Hi i have just registered.

    I loved reading all your comments as its always good to know you are not alone.

    I was in a long term relationship that i stayed in for all the wrong reasons, one of them being my son who means the world to me.  He is now a teenager and I’m very proud of the young man he is becoming.  When I look back i wished i’d had the strength to leave before I did.  But at the time it seemed the right thing to do was to stay.  Having learnt to let go and forgive and more importantly love myself and be happy with who i am, my life is starting to turn around.  I have started my own business which i run from home so i am still there for my son.  I work on my mindset as i find that is most important to me be able to move forward with my life.


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    I find some nights are worse then others…. Tonight I’m finding things really hard n very tearful but think it’s the norm


    Just can’t wait for things to be more calming at night and my head stops thinking


    Hope you all ok



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    Hi all… yes know excatly how this feels 27  with my 9 week old baby on my own but living with family as cant afford to go it on my own. I find it so lonely being just little one and me nearly everyday on our own together (all famiky work) they are great but dont really understand my situation.

    To make it worse today out at a social thing at a mum’s house who is a member of NCT and as soon as i said about being a single mum treated me differently to all the others and insisted i take left overs treats from the lunch home… yet she did not push this on any other mums there alongside some weird comments about being ver laid back for a 1st time mum…. i simply explained working in childcare 1 was nothing compared to my normal 20! Is it bad but she really got to me today and i now feel like rubbish

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    Definitely know that feeling of being alone. I’ve been single for 5 years now. My son has Aspergers/high functioning autism so can’t be left with just anyone as he gets too scared. I have lots of days out with my son but absolutely no social life with other adults. I think the start of the Christmas season jabs at the old heart strings. Life’s not horrible but it’s intense and I’ve very little support. Feeling a bit down so thought I’d pluck up the courage to join this site and hope to read positive things to help. 😊

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    please if anyone has some advice id be grateful.

    Long story short . My partner left us ( me and 4 kids..2 mine, 2 ours) last year after we lived together for a few years. Things were tricky when we lives together but i never thought he would up and leave. He ended it between us but wanted to see the kids. Which happened. As time went by we realised we still loved each other and it was working being away from each other.we now have a 6 month old baby but still live apart.

    In his eyes its perfect, he has a job where he lives at too and see us when he wants, usually once or twice a week on his days off.

    In my eyes its not perfect. Im exhausted. Ive the school run which is 8 mile all round walk every day and our son doesn’t sleep very well either. Ive literally aged about 20 years in the past year.  Im due to go back to work in march but i cant because i have no one to do the school runs ( partner lives 20 miles away)

    In theory, i am a single parent. Most nights i cry myself to sleep because i am unhappy and everything is getting too much for me.

    Anyone in the same boat

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    Hi I know the feeling especially this time of year once the kids go to bed the house seems empty be nice to have someone to talk about the day with or make plans

    Hope Ur keeping well

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    hi Keeleymoo13, .. its all the same crap , just on a different day, ….. thing is i would rather be single , .. im liking my own space at the moment, .. just not the boredom an stuff on an evening , ..i have suffered alot with anxiety and panic over the years, so i tend to over think alot. So the smallest things can get blown out of all proportion,

    I could be in a room full of people and still feel alone, .. i think thats just me being me though, i have had a lot of growing up to do in a very short time over these last few years, … wish i had a time machine!!  ;0)


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    Hey 🙂

    I am a single mum of two and I think loneliness is the part of the journey that I’ve struggled with the most! It sometimes feels like my old friends don’t invite me places anymore or see me as a “write off”. I’ve been judged by people at my university countless times I can see their faces drop when I say I am a single mother, the stigma is hard!

    I’ve created a group Single Mum Survival Guide , you can join us on Facebook 🙂 it’s designed to empower and give confidence to single parents through humour so anyone here is welcome to join and have a read through the articles! Keep smiling xxxxx

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    One of the worst moments I encounter frequently,is when I am knackered and would dearly like to say to someone,”can you help me out”…. and there is nobody there.

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    Yep definitely the worst time when had a busy day at work then got to switch into dad mode and no one to talk to or help with the kids

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    Sorry haven’t replied Iv had alot going on this end…


    Im so pleased I’m not the only one feeling all this!

    Everything u all saying I can relate to and feel as well, it’s so hard but I wouldn’t change it I love my beautiful boy so much…

    When you have a child u expect both of u to look after a new lil person but it’s so hard battling ur feelings towards the ex and knowing u never ment nothing to them and battling being a new parent, I think we all sit and over think the things we can never go bk n change


    Here for u all

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    Hello there,

    im too recently separated from my husband I’m 45 and we were together for 15 years. We have a four year old daughter. We moved to France in September this year to live but it didn’t work out and I returned with my daughter and left him there. It is really hard and I’m battling with the break up, being single and feeling alone at times. I’m hoping that things will get better and easier and definitely identify with what you are all saying!

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    The worst time of year for loneliness, I hate the nights where I’m all alone with no friends, and without my son with me, it’s tougher some days than others, but I’m sure it will get better with time, stay strong folks

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