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    Hello everyone!!

    Im. 28 and a first time  mum to my beautiful 5 month old baby boy and alone (father doesn’t want to know) plus long painful story.

    Thought I’d join here as heard its a great help to build your confidence again after feeling alone and meet single parents in the same situation…

    Just would like to say hello 👋 to everyone and please feel free to msg and have a natter

    Hope xxx

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    Hi Hope,

    If you would like to chat please feel free, I know just how low and lonely times can be.


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    Hi Hope,

    Im 29 and have a 1 year old and also very much alone too.

    It’s hard isn’t it!

    Have you been to any baby groups yet?

    Feel free to message me if you want to chat x

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    Thank you both of u for replying means so much…

    It is hard but I wouldn’t change it for the world, just gets so down and alone but I have a feeling this is the place I need to be 😀

    Nice to know we all in the same boat and we all can understand eachother…

    Hope your both ok and that k u so much again to both of u for replying I’m so greatful xxxx

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    Yep feel the same 33 single mum to 2 boys 13 and 3.

    Having a down day 🙁

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    Awww thank u Heather means so much and will msg u all thank u so much xx

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    Hi. I can relate to feeling alone. Just joined this site hoping to connect with other single parents who “get it” – my family & friends are great but are not in my boat. I’ve been single a long time & my 2 kids are teenagers now. They see their dad regularly which is great for them, but although we have a mostly civil relationship, he isn’t a support to me. I think he feels it would be disrespectful to s new partner to get on with me. So when I’m freaking out about today’s teenage drama, I have to freak out to the cat just!  Struggling not having anyone to talk to in a coupled up world where parenting is throwing up new challenges on a regular basis. And feeling like I should be coping much better because I’ve been doing this for so long.

    So so that’s my heart on my sleeve. Beating very loudly! Hello to all.


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    Hiya hunni


    Awww darling sounds like you still going through a stressful time even tho your not together anymore..

    Your more then welcome to msg me if you need to talk your nit alone on here no matter if ur a new mum or kiddies grown up


    Stay strong hunni xx

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    Hi Hope, Vanilla and Heather. I really hope things get better for you all.

    I’m (male 43) going through a separation and have 2 boys age 2 and 4. About to move into a new home with them but already I feel so lonely. Not having some to just share your life with is really difficult to handle. Feel free to message me or post on here. I’m a good listener and dont judge. Doesn’t matter what it is, even if you just want to offload what’s on your mind I’m just a few buttons away. I hope I can offload my thoughts onto you all too. x

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    Hello John

    Thank you

    Sounds like you going through a ruff time to must be hard with them so young to…

    Yes it is a very lonely time but take each day as it comes that’s how I’m dealing with things but it takes time…

    Ur not alone we all here for eachother


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    hi all new to this site.

    ive been seperated for just over a year after a long and painful 5yr relationship . i have 2 kids a boy of 4 and girl of 2. it feels like im the only single the world 😔 ofc i know its not the case and i love my kids but i fel like i come home cook clean and nothing else. my frnds will moan about wot their husbands have done or not and all i can thnk is but at least u have some tht loves u sum one to hug… at the week ends wen they kids are at their dads i can go the whole time with out speakkng another person its so lonely.


    i feel like im just floating thru life i feel empty inside. xxx

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    hi all,

    same boat here aswell,   just turned 41  ( still feel 21 tho!, weres the time gone?!) single mum to 2boys aged 5 & 23.

    the day times are fine , is the evenings and nights that get me, …. its like the world is geting on with life, while im stuck still, .. its wierd, ..

    ive no family left apart from a brother who lives in diff part of the country, my son’s  dad is just a waste of oxygen.. .so its just me my youngest boy and the dog


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    hi katietaytie completely agree with u. the day times r filled with nursery  and school runs tidying and cooking. come bed time its so quiet.

    the constant  ‘oh you’ll meet someone’ gets rather tiring as i never go out so how am i supposed to and yes the whole world is moving yet im standing still almost frozen the years tick by but nothings changed.xx

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    Hi guys definitey know how you all feel been single almost 2 years now I’ a single parent with 3 of my children living me. Wasn’t a very nice story for them. I don’ find the day time to bad it filled with work and homework cooking all the usual but at night I hate it especially at this time of year feeling stuck in the house it’s depressing.

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    Yes, every day. We lost Evie’s dad suddenly in July 15 and I’ve not been too good since. Been a stay at home mum to look after her. Every day’s intensely lonely because my friends don’t ring or text or invite us out any more. Don’t see much family either and I don’t get out much. Hope it gets easier cus the loneliness is awful


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