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    I am a single parent to a 3.5 year old, I currently claim income support which means I have full housing benefit and council tax reduction.

    I have just started a uni course but my current voluntary place of work has offered me 20 hours paid work at the living wage which is £10 an hour before tax.

    this is my dream job, but I am so confused to whether I am better off in work or not!  I want this job so badly but it would be madness if we ended up worse off.

    I have tried the online calculators on different sites and seem to get different answers, also the lingo is different regarding Universal credit as I am currently still on the old system.

    from what I can gather you seem penalised either way, I spoke to the DWP but didn’t want to basically say am I better on benefits? as they obviously want you back in work!  I really want to be in work, hence me doing my course to one day get a job where I volunteer, but we already struggle and couldn’t afford a drop.

    I was told I would move onto Universal credit and that was fine but I am confused at whether earning 10,400 would still allow me to have housing benefit?

    has anyone else experienced this or can shed any light in basic terms.

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    My rent is £61.04 a month and if I started work my childcare costs would be 27.50 a week as he would be funded by our local council for the rest.

    Thanks for answering, I wish I was more clued up on these things, but it’s such a minefield.

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    if ur in the uk go to C.A.B and they will help u there.


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    Your rent is only £60 a month??

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