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    So I have just got a message from UC to say they are going to cut my UC payments as I got a £20 top up each week due to the pandemic. It’s a significant amount and now I have to cancel paying into my pension pot to be able to make ends meet. I love my job, but it just doesn’t pay enough.

    Food prices and energy bills are going up, but UC is going down.  It is such an injustice. I have to work full time. Actually, I opted to work term time only, as I have no other childcare solutions for my daughter in the school holidays.

    Is anyone else going to be in the same boat? What can we do about it, as so many families are going to be thrown into poverty due to this.

    It makes me so mad.


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    Yeah it is frustrating that the Government are insisting on cutting £20 despite all the campaign work against it. It’s really odd as they are trying to push a levelling up agenda but are taking money out of the hands of people who are already on a low income or non.

    I too work full time but I don’t believe there’s anything we can do about it other than writing to our local MPs and making some sort of complaint about it. For me trying to get off UC is the only way out as it’s a nightmare trying to communicate with them and worrying about how they will decide to pay you each time.


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    I think UC needs to be lowered further, as it encourages people to work just 16 hours and play the system.

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    I disagree Steve.

    Both I and the above poster have indicated that we are working full time as single parents.

    I think there are a lot of preconceptions about people who are claiming any benefits which are more than often incorrect. There are fewer people who “play the system” than who genuinely require the support.

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    I’m actually more perplexed about your comment given the last 18 months or so with Covid.

    Many families have been put in very uncertain situations and have needed the support.

    I think reading up on in work poverty would be a good idea for yourself and anyone else who is of the same view.

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    hi Tamsyn,

    totally agree, the call i got; the adviser stated ‘now the pandemic is over’…. which ofc i replied.. i didn’t think the pandemic was over…. neither do the NHS or WHO 🙂 !!…. dwp hostile policy all over!!

    sorry you are affected by this too. – The UC ‘helpline’, now includes an option to dispute if this helps; 0800 328 5644.

    – they will ask you to prove that you are still financially impacted.

    Joseph Roundtree foundation has a great template to write your MP too;  Support our ‘Keep the lifeline’ campaign by writing to your MP | JRF

    Hope this is useful 🙂

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    I strongly disagree with you Steve. I shall shortly be starting a Masters degree and I investigated whether I could drop down to 16 hours and I wouldn’t be any better off. I would be a lot worse off.

    So now I am going to have to work full time, study for a Masters degree and get a pay cut from UC.

    It’s great to see how the government is levelling up the playing field to allow those on low incomes to study further and improve their situation by cutting benefits to single parents.

    And yes, I have emailed my local MP about it. My mum says apparently for every one letter/email to an MP it represents 500 people. And she should know as she actively writes to her local MP about social issues.

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    As an organisation, we’re really concerned about the impact of the government cutting £20 a week from Universal Credit. Research we carried out during the pandemic showed that single parents faced a unique set of challenges around childcare, employment and homeworking (

    We know the cut to Universal Credit will hit millions of household budgets and polling by Save the Children shows that more than half of single parents on UC don’t think they can live on £20 less per week. Single parents will be unable to afford food, pay essential bills and buy clothes, books and toys for their children. This is why Gingerbread, along with other charities, are campaigning against this devastating cut to Universal Credit.

    We are currently collecting stories from single parents who will be affected by UC cut – if you’re happy to share your story, please email with how the cut will impact you and your family.

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