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    I’ve found a website single with kids and they do getaways. I don’t know many people and was thinking it might be a way if making some single mum friends. I was wondering has anyone been on one and if they are any good.

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    Hi, I haven’t been on one but been thinking of it for a while now, I would love to take my boys on holiday but feel so nervous!

    would also love to hear if anybody’s been on one x

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    I agree Misso…I would love to take my little boy away but I feel a bit nervous! Sometimes I think shall I just go for it & take the risk – but that thought never actually turns into reality!
    Be nice to hear if anyone has ever been on a single with kids getaway

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    I would love to do that what’s the website? I can’t find anything when I look.  We always went on holidays their dad wants to take them with his new gf and his family.  I would like to take them but with 3 kids on my own feel like I’d like to go with other single parents who understand it’s such a good idea 😃

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    Hi all

    Here is a link to our holiday information page.  I hope you all manage to get away with your families this year.

    Best wishes, Justine

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    Hi it’s I wanted to go in Feb but was nervous also. Glad everyone feels the same. I might just book and give it a go. What’s the worse that can happen.

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    Hi, I too would like to do this.

    I’m not bothered about the bit of taking them away on my own but that’s then very much down to I can do anything and will cut my nose off despite my face attitude 🙈

    but I really like the sound of the support, organisation and camaraderie that would be there. I just get worried bcoz sometimes my anxiety comes off as anti-social or rude. I’m either shy and don’t want to talk or the opposite and never shut up!!

    my kids are 16+14, would they be too old?

    We are in desperate need of a holiday

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    For many years I’ve taken my children away on my own. Go for it!

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    I’ve just booked my trip with them, so exciting : ) , Easter next year sorted. Seems so long away.

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