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    This is my 1st Christmas eve on my own and to be honest I’m feeling really sad.

    The kids will be in bed early and the thought of sitting here alone is killing me. Its not even like I can have a glass of wine with being pregnant! I used to love preparing the kids stockings with my husband, but this year it’s something I’ll have to do on my own.

    Sorry for the negativity, it’s just really hit me now I’m on my own 😢 I hope you all have a nice Christmas, whatever you may be doing x

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    Hang on in there. It will be easier next year. This is the 7th Xmas I’ve done alone and I’m used to it now. But I can have a glass of wine. 💐 x

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    I know exactly how you feel I’m in the same boat this is my first Christmas.  My kids won’t sleep unless I go up (nightmare at the min) but on the plus side I’m not on own just need to make sure I don’t fall asleep 😂.  Hang in there I’ve been in tears on and off all day think I’ve try to stay so positive all month and it just hit me today and now I feel

    guilty for crying 🙈 I keep trying to think at least I’m with the kids and he is on his own.  Take care merry Christmas x

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    Dear Emma – I always dread this time of year, despite it has been many years since my husband died.  People think I am some sort of Bah Humbug person because I just can’t get involved with all the good cheer!  My kids are almost grown now, but it has been a hard slog and they still need my support.  However, here I am on my own, apart from my second son who has inherited his father’s depression.  I came from a big family but they all live in Australia and that makes it even worse.  We actually did the Festive meal two weeks ago!

    I have got the ipad ready to watch some box sets and a bombay bad boy pot noodle…  but it did get better for most of the time, just a bit different. xx

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    @amylou83 – yeah having the kids is a plus. My husband will wake up on his mother’s sofa and spend the day with her and his adult nephew so it could be worse. At least I’ll have the kids tomorrow to lift my spirits. I need to look for the positives!

    – I’m so sorry, it sounds like you’ve had a really rough time. Definitely worse than me…..I really should stop feeling so miserable and be thankful for what I have. I hope you can have a good day tomorrow x

    @kathymumofone – I really hope it does get easier and the memories of Christmas past will fade in time. I just keep trying to think of next year and the fact itll be my baby’s first Christmas, which will be lovely x

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    Before my daughter was born and I had spare time i volunteered at Xmas for crisis. Working in the kitchen and chatting to the guests. These people are ones with nothng and no one who would give them the time of day!



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    Worst night I’ve had since splitting up. First Xmas eve I’ve not been with my children. Didn’t expect it to be so hard. Used to be my favourite day of the year.

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    @DKL I’m sorry you’re having a difficult time too. I used to love Christmas too, but this year its just not the same. Hope you have a better day tomorrow x

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    This is my first year too as only separated recently. I have the children so that is good as I think it would be a lot harder on my own. Their dad came round tonight and will pop round tomorrow although that is awkward too. You never think it will happen to you and don’t realise how difficult it is and then your trying to be happy for the children when all you want to do is cry so I know how your feeling. Just remember the children love you and that is all you need. x

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    Our first Christmas on our own me and my three 🙂

    All three have said it does not feel like Christmas

    We will keep positive today

    To everyone I wish a merry Christmas and we will get through this



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    Hi Emma,

    Hope your day going well? Please dont feel too down. At least try not to. Its xmas day today and my 2 little boys are fine but my daughter misses her mum soooo much. She been crying and been in her room for 2 hours now. Im trying to prise her out of there but she just misses her too much. We all do. This year has been her worse xmas ever. Mine too. Im still going to cook them the best xmas dinner they have ever had!  Well thats the plan anyway. ( thank god for slow cookers). Hope xmas Eve settled for you . Have the best Christmas you can ! You can only do so much x

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    Hi everyone – I’m Sandra, one of the moderators at Gingerbread. Just wanted to say a huge thanks to everyone posting positive messages of support, and sharing your stories. Christmas can be a really tough time for so many people, for a host of reasons, and your kind words make all the difference. Have a good day and look after yourselves x

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    I want to be positive I’ll try but it doesn’t work!

    Recently I tried to meet someone after a while but I realised again I made a terrible mistake! She doesn’t understand at all!

    I’ll see many happy couples at this particular time of year but I am still on a damn situation!

    Hope things get better in new year


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    Hello everyone, hope you all managed to have a good day. Mine wasn’t as bad as I expected so that was a positive. I made it through! Now just to tackle new years eve lol. I’m sure I can do it though 😊

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