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    Hi all,

    I will be moving to my new place soon and finances are going to be tight from now on.

    I am not too worried because I will have enough to survive, but I would still like to be able to save for the future of mu kids…so…

    Can you please share any advice on how to save on big and small things? from car insurance to food shopping, I am all “ears” (or eyes since it’s an online forum? 😉 )!

    Thank you for your help


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    Groupon is a great way of saving money for days out or little adventures although you can find savings there for all sorts of things.


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    I made a spreadsheet of all my income and outcome so I knew how much I was spending on everything and how much I had spare.

    I then changed gas and electric and broadband to cheaper deals by using comparative websites.

    I cancelled things like NowTv and Spotify and just used the free version.

    It’s little things that you can change that mean you will still live comfortably but can put the money you save into savings for your kids.

    There are good interest rates on savings accounts and Isa’s as well. So even of you only put a small bit away each month it will grow and grow over time.

    Hope that is some help 🙂

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    One of way of saving a bit of money is the Penny Jar Challenge. You start with a penny. Then the next day put 2p and each day add another penny and after a year you would’ve save just under £700 (great way of saving for Christmas)

    Do you drive? Or pay for childcare? I would set some money aside for that too because cars usually break down at the worst times.

    If you have a credit card pay off the highest interest one first.

    Keep an eye out for local events that you can go to they are usually cheap and you can pack a picnic.

    Those are my top tips 🙂

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    Use supermarket own rather than branded goods. Learn to quick-Cook food from scratch, buy meat from an independent butcher if there is one close by – it works out less expensive.

    Make packed lunches for work, (just cook a bit extra the night before and combine with salad or couscous) Don’t buy takeaway coffee.  Together saves up to £150 a month.

    line-dry things rather than using a tumble dryer to reduce the electricity bill.

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    Hi all, thank you for your tips. I already cook from scratch so I guess that will help. I have to drive, but planning to walk when I don’t have to drop off. I’ll visit groupon website as I’ve never used it before. have a lovely day! V

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