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    I am a mum of two lovely little crazy active boys. We still live under the same roof of my ex partner s house.

    We just passed a terrible Christmas due to Covid and unfair unaccettable word and behaviour from him

    Ready to turn page and start the new year in a positive mood but it is really hard to move on and leave his house working part time at the moment and without savings

    In need of tips and advice and also looking to make new friends to spend spare time, holidays and have fun we deserve


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    *deleted user*

    Frolo. Google it. Good luck.

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    Thank you, i’ ll have a look 🙂

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    Andrew uk

    Hi. I’m in South London. You’re in a nice area. It’s tough to move out i appreciate that, in the area that you’re in.

    How old are your sons?

    There’s loads to do if you are stuck for ideas to keep them busy.

    Let me know if you want some suggestions or to chat.

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    You’ re right, it’ s a lovely area and my kids go to a fantastic school. They are 7 and 3. I live here since 2010 so jobs, neighbours and friends are close and i don’ t want to destroy more our life cause of him moving from this great area

    At the same time flats are crazy expensive

    Although i have some friends here, being a single mum sometimes is tough and i understand people prefer to spend time with similar or family ecc

    And most of the time i feel lonely even going out with my kids.

    Also i don’ t want to bother always my friends with my affair and think i could find a shoulder exchanging similar experience that s why i would love to meet mums and dads in my area in a similar situation

    Lots of things in my mind but most of all a deep desire to laugh again and make my kids happy

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    *deleted user*

    OP I feel there should be better safeguarding policies on here with kids and with single parents.

    Please don’t give away any personal details regarding yourself and your kids to some one you have only just met online!

    Not safe!

    I have a been a parent governor of a primary school and I am genuinely shocked by the details people give about their kids on here.

    Please don’t.

    Ask the teachers at your school and they will advise.

    Understand you wish to get to know people but there are better and safer ways of doing it¬


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    Andrew uk

    Nice. Shame I’m not more local. My son is 9, daughter is 4. Lovely ages. There’s King’s Place and the Aurora orchestra that does things for kids. Mine loved it. Mine would happily spend all day at the railway station! Have you tried the Parkland Walk or Alexandra Palace? I bet there’s a local library group. Check with your local authority. There’s always the Heath of course.

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