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    Ive just become a full time dad as my daughter’s mother couldn’t look after her properly i have no idea where to start i know how to look after her as i do most weekends but i work full time doing nights child minders don’t work nights im gonna need child care a few hours in the day so i can sleep my flat is not big enough and i dont want the mother involved in our lives at all

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    is the mother wanting to see/spend time with kids? if so then it would be helpful if kids stay at her place regularly also?

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    I know this must all feel overwhelming for you, it can be hard to juggle work and childcare could you talk to your work and explain the situation and see if they can give you more flexibility for your work pattern so you can arrange childcare? Maybe other family members could help? Ginger bread help line is also very helpful as well. You can contact social services yourself and ask for support, not something most of us want to do but they might be able to suggest places that can help you. The only other option would be a babysitter.

    I hope that you can find some help, start with work first, you could give your local citizens advice a call and ask for some help with work and childcare. Please don’t worry to much the fact you have reached out for advice is amazing, it can be hard to ask for help. I hope some of these suggestions help a little, I hope you can get some much needed support for you and your daughter.

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    I’m not sure whether this will be helpful but I went through similar this year. It’s not the parenting that is difficult but managing everything else completely on your own. After the ex left, I took the patience of my employer as far as I reasonably could regarding time off needed but my shift patterns just didn’t work with four children at home. I’d be missing for most of their school starts or their evenings and at the weekends. It was untenable and after all, I became a parent because I wanted to raise my children not just provide for them. I eventually went self employed starting a little online business. I’m not earning as much yet but the ability to be there for the kids came first ( they lost their gran, my mum this year as well) and tbh, I wouldn’t have it any other way now. Plus we’re lucky in the UK because, for all the complaints you see in the media, we do get a lot of support as parents, particularly single ones.

    I suppose what I’m saying is that, unless you love your job or are tied to it financially, then maybe it might be worth looking at other options.

    Good luck.


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    Where about’s are you ?

    Anyone near Macclesfield Cheshire who would like to meet up for coffee and a chat. Would be nice to hear back x

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    That is very concerning that you have hacked your partners phone. As someone who has lived without any kind of privacy I would strongly recommend that you keep this to your self. iPhone are after all unable to be hacked. So I would mark that post as a scam.

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    My name is Sandra and I am one of the moderators. Thanks for flagging this post, I have deleted it as it breaches our community guidelines.

    I have also removed another post which has a link to an external site as we don’t allow those either.

    thanks everyone – stay safe


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