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    By the bay

    Has anybody on here got current or previous experience with a REMO application?

    I’d be interested to hear what timescales you have encountered.  I had an application accepted almost a year ago by the UK Courts Service, and sent to the foreign courts, and have heard nothing since. It seems impossible to get a reply from the UK end other than “we’ll chase them, if we haven’t replied to you with an update in 3 months feel free to email us again”.

    I know that the Brexit uncertainties and then Covid will have slowed things down in all countries, but I’m wondering how long other cases have taken and has anybody any tips for getting the UK side to chase up foreign courts? Or even a phone number for the service?


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    Hi , I hope you are well and fully understand your frustration.

    I started my application 5 years ago which took 4 months to to be recognised in the overseas system and a further 1 year to be approved with payments .

    The uk are very slow at replying , so I approached oversea for more information . Although I would advise the uk office is extremely busy and always try their best to chase up and reply . The team are amazing very hard working via the phone .

    my advise –

    chase every few weeks , try to get a contact overseas just call everyone – the family courts and the child  support system to see if they have the paperwork yet . ( I called every week and got all the contacts needed as the uk office was not getting answers quick enough )

    once it goes through it will take time as it need to go to overseas court and there’s a long procedure before it’s finalised .

    As we have gone through a pandemic I would say you should allow another year atleast because the system is slow as it is .


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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