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    hi , this is all new to me and I am like a rabbit in the headlights.

    I presently work 22.5 hours per week and am trying to work out if I can stay in my home financially.

    If I work more hours will I get more universal credit?

    From what I have read , if I work 30 hours I will get more.Is this correct?

    I am a nurse and am working extra here and there but would it be more sensible to work 30 hours ( if I can make it work with 3 kids). If it makes little difference I would prefer not to but if there is an impact of course I will do it to stay in the home.

    thanks in advance

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    I’m also a nurse, I work 25 hours and also do some bank shifts. I’d like to find out more about universal credit but seems a bit of a mine field! x

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    so will it benefit me financially to go from 22.5 hours – 30 hours? It seems the drop in UC and my extra hours pay cancel each other out

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