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    Hi My son (15 with aspergers) decided last week he wanted to live with his dad.  Not happy but have to give him the chance to get to no him.  Pretty sure it’s about the money he’s just had another baby.  Any how my problem is he won’t let me meet his wife.  They have lived together for 8 years and been married 6 (my son wasn’t invited to the wedding I found out from someone else) My ex has made it clear I am not allowed to meet her as she will have nothing to do with the care of my child whilst he lives there.  When my son would go to stay she would go out.  They haven’t done much as a family.  It concerns me that my son thinks this is ok. Where can I get help I need some intervention.
    Any advice or help much appreciated





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    There seems to be a lot of animosity and hatred between partners. I think it’s better that you keep a distance and not meet his partner.

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    Not at all, have asked on many occasions and told it’s not appropriate.  Now my son has moved I feel it is even more important that I meet his wife.  She will have to have sometimes to look after him

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    What will happen if you don’t like her? Just wondering.

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    It’s not a case of liking her or not she will be spending time with my son I want to know a little about her.  I would also like to know why she doesn’t have involvement with my son and why he wasn’t invited to the wedding

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    Hi, I think you should meet the wife, I would also feel the same if I was in your situation, especially if the wife is going to be occasionally looking after your son. I don’t see why your ex can’t introduce you both even if it would be difficult at least it would be some closure? I think I’d want to meet her if I was you. Sorry if that doesn’t help much but thats my view. Hope it works out!x

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    Thanks Newmum80 my ex has said she will do my the courtesy of meeting me but no date yet

    i don’t think it’s unreasonable for me to ask

    he wants his passport and birth certificate now and wants to take him out of the country which I am not at all happy with with the current situation

    ive looked after him on my own since he was 2 now his dad wants to swoop in and take over he’s changed his Drs which I am unhappy about because they know him and have been supportive of his mental health and diagnosis

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