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    Really could do with some advice/ words of wisdom or anything that may cheer me up!


    I separated from my daughters dad at the beginning of August this year. Completely my decision but down to his own stupid actions. Absolutely no regrets what so ever. Anyway, alongside being a single parent, I’m also signed off I’ll since March 2020 for a condition that effects my ability to walk and I’m always in excruciating pain due to abscess in groin and under arms. My condition absolutely drains me, I’m so tired all of the time and having this condition for over 20 years I’ve got to the point I’m completely over it.

    My daughter is only three and  is having a bit of a tough time with regards to me and her dad separating  and is playing up pretty much all day every day and it’s completely taking its toll.

    Can anyone who has physical disabilities please tell me how you do it whilst looking after small children!! I need some tips as it’s effecting my mental health aswell now


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    Hey , I completely understand the way your feeling . I myself have fibromyalgia, with a little one its tough ,mentally and physically.

    You can only try your best , I find having a routine is helpful too.  Maybe write down the things your struggling with most and see if you can find way around it. Also you maybe qualify for funding for nursery/preschool . I know its a roller coaster xx

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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