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    1. Hey guys just wondering what everyone does when they have no money to get through the darkest of days I get paid next week but I’m really struggling to survive till then I’m low on electric no gas food is very minimal n mainly tins from local foodbank I have no family members or friends that I can turn to for help and I cannot for the life of me get a loan because of my kids dads credit being linked to mine. He is not around for the foreseeable and Christmas is looking like its going to be awful this year I was hoping to get some decs up and the tree but I just can’t get excited at all I’m in massive rent arrears becoz of uc and I just feel like I’m failing at life atm I genuinely dont know what to do ?? Any advice for a desperate mummy please guys. T.I.A
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    It all sounds awful for you at this time. Can you go back to the food bank and stock up a bit more? Have you explained to your landlord that the rent will be coming in next week and that it’s just UC making you wait til next week? I think also you could get in touch with your energy providers and explain how serious your situation is, I’m sure they will top you up til you get some money in next week. Have you thought about going to your local church and asking them for help,if they can’t/won’t help they are a rubbish church but there will be other churches you could ask for help from that won’t be rubbish.

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    Hi Mummymills117

    Thank you for posting here on the forum.  I appreciate that things are really tough for you at the moment.  It sounds like you could benefit from speaking to one of our helpline advisers.  They may be able to explore some signposting options for you.  They can get very busy, especially on  a Monday but they will be open until 6pm tonight.  Here are their details:

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