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    Hi all.

    How do you deal with anxiety ?

    My anxiety is in overdrive just lately cant seem to get done what I need to. Constant anxiety attacks and palpitations.

    Separated a few months ago with my ex but recently moved out 2 weeks ago. I’m happy with the split and never wanna go back there. Finding it quite difficult as family dont seem to understand how I feel and have no one else to turn to

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    i don’t know if any of this will help you at all but I’ve always struggled with anxiety anyway and even more so after becoming a single parent 6 months ago.

    I took 2 days off work last week because I just kept getting so worked up and couldn’t think straight or get anything done. I hate the fact I had to take 2 days off but I personally think you almost have to let it consume you completely to be able to deal with it and then move past it, if that makes sense?

    Also if it’s that bad that it’s stopping you from doing things all of the time I would go to your GP for help and advice which I’ve done too.


    we will get there 🙂 x

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    I have always struggled but more so this past few months too. I mask it to a lot of people so when I’m down people dont know why and then say well u was fine earlier, on the outside yes but on the inside anxiety is eating away at me. I have a list of jobs that need doing but anxiety takes over and they don’t end up getting done.

    Think I will make an appointment at my GP tomorrow, just cant seem to get on top of it lately.


    Thank you for your reply 😊

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    Hey there. I had a lot of anxiety and at times little things would tip me over the edge. I thought I was coping but in hindsight I wasn’t Now I am a lot more relaxed and have less anxiety. It started by chatting to my GP. They put me on medication which broke the cycle and allowed me to have some clarity. I was never a huge fan of medication but this coupled with learning to talk to friends and colleagues when things get a little problematic has helped a lot. Now I can chat before things become a huge issue. Please don’t feel bad ever about struggling with anxiety. As the initial replies have shown you are not alone. There is support professionally as well as various forums such as this. Just embrace the steps forward to better mental health!

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    I’m sorry to hear how you and others are struggling, but also relieved not to be the only one!  Just today I was feeling so anxious about longer term finances, child care, etc. that I just didn’t know how I was going to keep going.  I’m trying not to let this affect my work, but the constant anxiety undermines my confidence and my ability to get things done.  After serious postnatal depression a few years ago, after the birth of my last child, I’ve been on antidepressants and generally OK, but since the split 6 months ago the financial pressures have started making the anxiety worse.  I feel embarrassed at times that I can’t seem to manage everything financially (although it’s hardly surprising, as my ex isn’t paying child support and I have the kids most of the time), but it’s hard to see a way forward when child care limits the number of hours I can work.  Any advice?


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    So I went to my GP this morning, post the anxiety attacks. She was lovely signposted me onto groups and support networks. I’m constantly getting flashbacks from trauma which is partly causing my anxiety attacks which I knew anyway just dont know how to overcome them. I have zero support from family and dont have any friends due to both my ex’s. My family just tell me to ‘man up’ basically. I do worry about financial situation, I’m currently not working either and dont know how to even attempt to start a job as my son goes to a specialist school for children with autism, what do I do in school holidays? Theres no one to have him, his dad doesnt pay child support and also doesnt have contact. I can honestly say I have never felt so alone.

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