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    Claire mummy bear

    Hello all

    Today I am struggling, I feel anxiety winning and my motivation being crushed regardless of attempts to not let it win.

    I have 2 little boys who’s father is now in prison for a long time (this has happened recently, luckily we had split 5yrs ago so I already have a safe foundation for my boys) I ended up in a relationship with a friend which lasted a year but then he decided at the start of this year that he didn’t want a family. Obviously this is heartbreaking thinking the man you love doesn’t want the 2 little people you love the most. Since then I’ve been getting up at 5:30 am to do stretches and 30 mins weight training plus I run twice a week not far I can just about do 5k at a push! I have also taken up guitar and stopped watching TV unless its a treat on a Sunday. But this week I feel like the cloud is over me and all I want to do is sit infront of the TV and eat crap, I’m really struggling with feeling alone as I don’t want to worry people close to me by telling them how I’m feeling they have enough to deal with. Not sure what I’m hoping to get from this but it does feel better actually getting it out. I constantly get your so strong look how you have come out of this but inside im in turmoil just with I could feel content with being on my own.

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    Hello Nora,

    seems a lot of people fall in the same trap. We do all the right things and we still aren’t happy? You have a lot of things to be proud of and running 5k is no easy feast. But still that means there are some building sites and you will have to face them. Slowly but steadily they will be completed and other ones will come up. One day we might be content with being on our own and then we can’t take the risk of committing to someone else any more when we meet that special one. There will always be trouble in our life. You aren’t in danger and there will always be someone who puts an arm around you. Eventually.


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    Hey,your boys look abolutely adorable🤗

    Your post was very interesting- the way you think eating crap and staring at the tv is a disaster.For some of us mortals that’s a good day🙂 These are turbulent times,gotta keep things in perspective.Have a look round this site & you might realise you’re not doing too badl.And don’t worry about not feeling content being on your own.Why do you think you have to? Should we really feel fine with growing old and…??…cobwebby or whatever.We def deserve better!

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    Firstly well done, at least your noticing when the level of anxiety comes over you. But be careful with the words, anxiety is required for growth, if you are feeling it then you are living and growing. Remember it is because of uncertainty and feeling powerless is the reason for anxiety, your mind has those inner-conversations going on – the minds loves comfort and the thoughts just lie to you

    It sounds as if you are doing good, better than most, ok, understand someone had different expectations and desires to you regarding relationship and commitments. But as you said you have two great little boys, who are your world.

    Q: Was it heartbreaking – I would say no – is your heart in pieces, is it broken no – you suffered sadness, but this is not probably the first time and may not be the last – let it go, stop holding on – that is the person who does not want to part of your worlds problem, the man you love doesn’t want the 2 little men you love the most, it is his loss

    Your diary seems jammed full, when do you get time for you to just sit and chill, it seems your doing things to avoid your feelings and emotions, you need to tap into those thoughts and move the emotions

    You keep telling yourself your alone, because your thoughts are running 100mph, everyone is getting this at the moment. Just reach out to friends or family just to catch up. You tell yourself, I do not want to burden them, trust me they think the same, sharing is caring, you be surprised how many others feel the same way and think other have enough to deal with

    People look at you and tell you that you are strong, because you are probably there for everyone and put a show on, I’m alright, put everyone first before yourself

    It took me many years to understand the way the mind works and why I felt a similar way. You are an inspiration, stop beating yourself up, just because you’re eating a bit of crap and chilling, your body and mind is craving it at moment. Have you meditated or looked at mindfulness. Your not in turmoil, just a little lost in your thoughts, feelings and emotion is seems to me




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