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    My daughter and I have been house bound really from lockdown started. We stopped heading out a week before so this is our 7th week in. I stopped visits to dads house once lockdown commenced, however I have been allowing him to come round for walks to see her as she is only 2 and isn’t too good on FaceTime. She misses him and wants to stay at his but I’m still apprehensive with what is going on. I’m definitely considering having her go back for sleepovers as I think lockdown restrictions may ease once a decision Is made 7th may. I’m indecisive? And a very tired mama

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    I can understand the anxiety but when the lockdown was announced and they stated that separated parents can still pick up and drop off as arranged, we carried on as the arrangements were. Mainly so as not to change what was going on and confuse the children and that they could still see their dad. Since lockdown he has had them more days than he used to do we’re currently more co-parenting than previously but it works to alleviate the stress of just one parent doing it all.

    It can be hard not to have some time for yourself especially more so when they are young. For my mental health more than anything it has really helped to have my own time too also. ❤

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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