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    Hi everyone I need some advice- I have suffered really bad anxiety for years, my job is making this worse. How do I quit and claim for income support? I am a single mum to a 3 year old. Thanks for any advice!

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    Before anything else – what is the job you have? Is it the job that is making your anxiety worse? What job could you do without anxiety? You need to think this through first. This is because it will determine what benefits you can receive. If it is determined that you can’t do ANY work, then you might get disability allowance, but anxiety is really hard to prove and exactly one of those illnesses that they are cracking down on. You will need to get your GP to write you a letter or a referral based on your condition brought on by your work with a plan to how you can move forward. Anxiety, like depression, can’t go on indefinitely without treatment, and DSS will need to see how this is being addressed. Don’t do anything rash. You can phone in sick and then speak to your GP about getting signed off for longer if necessary. If your GP won’t support you on medical grounds, then that is going to affect you getting certain benefits and for the length of time you receive them. Your job can’t fire you while you’re being supported by your GP. But if YOU quit and then try to get help, you’ll spend months in limbo getting nothing.

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    My job is in a children’s nursery looking after 3month-2 year olds. Things are just getting to much there’s so much paperwork expected and if one person makes a mistake everyone gets pulled in the office for it… there’s lots more too which I won’t go into it. It’s not something I’m treating at petty I’m really struggling. I quit a job that I loved for this job as it’s the career I’ve always thought I wanted now I’m thinking I’ve made the wrong choice. I’ve suffered with depression/anxiety for many years and had a lot of help through GP/counsellors and thought I was moving forward until all this. I’m just not sure what I can do I’m actually scared to go to work this week thanks for the reply 🙂

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    Personally, I would go back to your GP and get signed off for a month and spend the time looking for another job you do love – can you maybe go back to your old job? Clearly you’d be fine in the right job, so it’s the job you need to focus on changing not worrying about benefits at this stage. As your GP knows your situation you should have no trouble getting his support…?

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    Sarahlou, I also suffer from anxiety, but I don’t think to quit your job is the best thing for you to do. I think your anxiety might leap from the stress of the job to the stress of living on benefits…

    What have you tried to help you manage your anxiety because in my experience it’s about managing your feelings rather than trying to get away from what you think might be causing the anxiety?

    Happy to recommend some things that have worked for me, but just wanted to put that out there first.



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    Hi, I’ve had awful anxiety for more than half my life and fully understand how you feel. It’s not like there’s a switch to turn it off and people who don’t understand try to help by saying things like ‘pull yourself together’, ‘snap out of it’ or ‘you’ll feel better in the morning’. If only it was as visible as a broken leg , that way people know not to kick you there.

    have you tried the latest antidepressant medication? It’s come a long way since the early days and they can now reduce anxiety as well.

    The other thing that helped me was to be self employed. When things get too much, you can take a small step back to reduce the stress. How about being a child minder? The pay is good and unless they are pre-school, your hours would only be morning and after school. It’s not hard to set this up and it’s great for the confidence to have your own business.

    Hope this helps


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    I suffer from anxiety but if you decide that you don’t want to work the benefits are not that great.  Maybe find something part time then top up with tax credit.  Do not give up your job!

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