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    I just cannot lift myself at the moment,  im

    feeling so low and alone and I’m getting to the stage I just can’t be bothered to help myself now. I joined slimming world last week and hoped to get back to the gym but this week I feel bored and alone and have started getting the urge to eat rubbish again. I

    know it sounds pathetic and needy but feeling like life will never go

    my way and wondering actually why Im here anymore

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    Hi Sam,

    Welcome to the forum ☺

    I suggest that for the moment that you forget about your weight and slimming world, I understand that it’s on your mind but you need to put it on the back burner for a while, perhaps set yourself a goal at looking at it again in 3 or 6 months, in the big scheme of things 6 months is nothing weight wise so you shouldn’t feel guilty about concentrating on other things.

    For now just do the things that make you feel good, pamper yourself even if it’s in the smallest of ways, it doesn’t have to cost a lot as long as it’s just for you, take time out just to be you.

    Life changes from moment to moment, you’ll one day look back at this time and it won’t have any impact on you, you will have moved on

    In the meantime keep chatting here, you’ll find us all very supportive and it won’t be long before you find people who are going though similar situations.


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    Hi Sam2512

    I’m sorry you are feeling low and alone.  Just so you are aware, I will be sending you a private message with some signposting options, so please keep an eye out for this.


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    Hi Sam

    I’m sorry to hear this; it’s clearly a bad time for you. Just know that you can always come on here for a chat, people will listen.

    The gym does work for getting rid of adrenaline and releasing endorphins (happy drug!); I know it’s so difficult when you feel the way you are – I was there when this all started, and I joined the gym but didn’t want to go; in the end, I dragged myself down there and it started an upward cycle. Weight loss isn’t the big benefit right now (although it will come if you want it to); what I found was that it’s more just getting out, a change of scenery and feeling like you’ve achieved something that will help your confidence and self esteem a bit.

    Things will get better over time, I promise – and if you need support, we’re all here for you.



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    Hi hope your ok

    You are at the right place for support. Felt a lot similar myself, currently off work as feeling low but im enhancing my social life and enjoying time wiyh my son. Thats my focus atm work was kind of increasing my stress and anxiety so i decided something needed to change

    Find something for you to enjoy and relax. Here to talk anytime

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    hi, thank you for your message, I donthink the anxiety and depression is quite bad at the moment but don’t want to stop working as I then end up hiding away and not leaving the house, im hoping I can manage things well enough not to go as far back as I did last year.  I took myself to the local gym today an d signed myself up to some classes so I’m hoping that will help a bit too but we’ll see xx 

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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