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    i don’t disagreed with my ex having contact, but I feel bullied.

    my little boy is only 20 months old and my ex is asking for 3/4 nights every week, at different times.  Here there and every where.

    I feel it too much for my little one, and I don’t know what to do,

    before it use to be 3 nights, in a month, and all of a sudden it’s jumped to every week, which I know the reason why, because of child maintaince,

    i feel bullied as I don’t think it’s fair on my little boy, my ex has no routine for him, but just likes to make my life a living hell, by creating things so difficult.

    I have 3rd Party hand over because of past controlling abuse, the more he has my little boy the more I feel he’s controlling my life, and not doing the best for our child.

    What rountine do people have for contact for a 20 month old,

    surely giving up 3/4 nights every week isn’t normal for a child that young.

    please help


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    My baby is 18 months old. Dad has 3 contacts per week, but only has 2 over nights per month. Hope this helps x

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    I have an order where overnights are due to begin for my child once she reaches age 2.5. It will be 1 overnight, every other week. when she turns 3 it will go to 3 nights in 1 week, and 1 night in following week. some parents allow overnights to begin sooner than that. I would have liked for my child to have overnights earlier than age 2.5. It is the child’s right to have a meaningful relationship with both parents, as long as its safe. So I don’t think child should be restricted from seeing dad because of what happened between both of you in the past.

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    Your boy is very young and it is important for them to have a routine at that age.  I am not sure what means you are currently using to communicate with your ex but if you don’t feel comfortable talking directly then maybe communicate via email; you should explain that it is for the benefit of your little boy that a contact schedule is established and that the both of you follow it.

    It is clear that you are a mother who is looking to promote a relationship for your child with the other parent.  A phased approach maybe a suggestion whereby the overnight stays increase gradually; maybe something along the lines of every other weekend for the father say from Fri pm to Sun pm, then when your child turns 3 then you can agree to introduce a midweek overnight.  I would also consider agreeing some additional time during holidays for your child to spend with the father and agree to increase this when your boy turns 3 so that holidays are shared equally.

    It would also be useful to agree arrangements to ensure special days like christmas, birthdays etc.. are shared.

    Feel free to reach out for support as and when you need it

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