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    Evening everyone


    Single mum with 2 kids, 9 and 7.

    I left my ex husband 5 years ago after he tried to kill me. Left and never looked back. I was then moved across the other side of london I didnt know anyone. Had to keep my jobs going while settling in temporary accommodation with 2 little ones at the time. Learn how to pay my bills and everything that I didnt need to do before. I was only 23. Long story short got my life together and for the first time I was fine settled kids had grown up had friends and so did I. New job that I love!

    I found love again but broke my heart as we broke up earlier this year.

    Just been given a direct viewing for an amazing property in the city and am so confused as I would need to leave my job and change the kids schooling as it would take me too long to travel. Took my son 2 years to settle in his new school and make friends and he struggles socially.

    I feel so lonely right now like no one can understand how I am feeling.

    How am I going to move how am I going to afford living in central London? Am I going to have to quit my job which means no money.

    I seriously want to cry!

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    Hi, it sounds to me like you need to stay put if you can? You have done an amazing job of getting your life back together under terrible strain. Do you have to move? Surely it’s best for you and your children that you stay put. I am not sure what a direct viewing means. A network of support and a stable environment for your kids I think is more important? And of course a job. I hope it works out for you. x


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    Agree with Anna, I think you need to stay where you are if you can. You’ve worked so hard to get your life on an even keel. Or if you can’t stay where you are, you need to hold out for something local.

    Settled kids and a job you like are worth more than a better flat – unless there is an urgent & serious reason to move.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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