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    My LO (8 yrs) has been seeing the ex throughout the whole virus lockdown. We agreed that as neither one was going to be interacting with anyone else it was fine to carry on as normal and travelling is by car, always 

    This weekend on his usual weekend visit the ex decided to introduce the LO to his half brother who he has never met and the ex has had no contact with for 8 years. There is a long story involved in why this is the case which I won’t bore you with but my question is: am I wrong for saying he has put people at risk (Me, our LO, his partner her 4 kids) for this introduction and it could have waited a few weeks until lockdown has finished. The LO feels quite strongly in that he wanted to meet his brother but said his dad didn’t listen when he said he was breaking isolation rules

    We’re all doing our bit and fsmily are the ones we miss the most but a few weeks wait???   It would not have hurt surely

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    Not at all my ex had done the same he is in a relationship with my ex best friend and I told him at the beginning don’t have anyone around the children.  And I found out he took my eldest round to her house and made my eldest daughter lie about it to me even tried to throw her under the bus and say she was the one saying shall I not tell mum she is 10 years old.  So I went absolutely mad at him and had a Talk with my daughter as well as she thinks it’s fine to go round and play with her son.  But he mostly.  I’ve not been seeing my parents and have been totally on my own with 3 children so it just infuriated me.   So not I don’t think you are over reacting you are doing everything right in the current situation to and he should respect your wishes.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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