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    My son is 1. Never been together with the father. He was terrible at accepting that I was keeping the baby. Never been there throughout the pregnancy. He has been in and out of the babys life as always demands more rights etc. (He wants to take baby without me being there or he wanted the baby to stay over!)

    I do not want his name on the birth cert. I have decided now that it is within my son’s right to know his dad and allow him for visits once a week with my supervision. I am afraid he gets crazy again and wants more than visit although I have made myself very clear at this point. I find him very difficult to deal with.


    Am i doing the right thing? I do not want my son to be affected growing up.

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    I think it’s a very personal choice.


    i also thought my daughter should have the right to know her dad, but I am not getting commitment I need from him. I don’t believe she’s his priority and that makes me think she’d be better off without him. To me no dad at all is better than a dad who can only half be bothered or half be consistent. It’s an all or nothing thing.

    You know what he’s like as a dad – forget about the principle just ask yourself ‘does my baby benefit from knowing this man, does he bring something to the table?’ If the answer is yes then I think it’s right for him to be involved but if the answer is not really, then to me personally a child is better off with one amazing loving parent x

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    Its better to have one loving fantastic parent.

    It’s not nice having a father who’s dangling around like a broken yo-yo

    What makes me laugh is now fathers like him can win their rights. If it was up to me I would give them their last rites 😀

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