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    My ex partner and I have recently separated. He will only see the children on the days that I work which I generally 3 days a week. During annual leave he refuses to have the children and  also does not take them overnight at all, I have put this to him as I feel it will help our children’s emotional needs but he already says he’s doing more than enough. I am struggling to get by financially and he refuses to take the children so I can work extra shifts to help support us! He can see the days I work as we work in the same department so can always keep an eye on what I’m working. I never get a day off or time to work extra as he’s calling all the shots. He is using this against me as I was the one who decided to leave as I no longer loved him. Am I being unreasonable?

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    Hello bam36,


    I don’t think your being unreasonable. Although being quite raw with emotions at the moment, separation is a horrible thing for everyone. I left my partner 5 years ago because I didn’t love her anymore and she was angry, took my daughter and we were at loggerheads for a while. But the most important thing is the children. We realised this very quickly sorted things out as amicable as possible. Now we are in a good place with regards to access, regular phone calls etc etc.


    I’m a man and would love more to see my daughter more, it really gets me mad when other men have opportunities but do not take them. In the end he was realise he’s will miss a lot of time for being bitter.


    Fingers crossed he sorts himself out for the sake of all of you, cheers

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    Ls Dad

    Bam36 – are you claiming CMS?

    Celtic 357 – if you want to see your child more why not do something about it? My personal pet peeve is resident parents who play god. I have my 2 year old staying over 3 nights a week. If it were up to my ex I wouldn’t have her at all.

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    Ls dad.

    I see my daughter every 2 weeks Friday to Sunday, my ex wanted it this way so our daughter was in a regular routine. Obviously I cover half of all the holidays throughout the year and the Christmas and New year period. What I meant is I still wish I could have more time.

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