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    Hi I’m new to this I’m from bristol and since I split from my husband iv lost a lot of friends, they were mainly other couples so I don’t fit in now. One of my children is autistic and as he gets older other parents arnt including us. Hate the school holidays as there is no routine. Iv started a new relationship but they work loads so i spend a lot of time on my own with the kids and obviously it’s different as kids are mine and they don’t have kids even though they are amazing with them I do all the kids stuff alone . My family is not supportive either I go months without hearing from them. Any one in Bristol looking for a friend? My kids are 8 and 10

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    Hi Sam, not in the Bristol area but read this and thought Id check in and see how you are these holidays?  All my “friends” have pretty much drifted off too after my Ex left. They were joint friends and as they work with the Ex he got to stay friends with them more. He doesn’t have my son much so I’m unable to go out any evenings either as hes too busy out having fun to want to see him!!


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    Sorry, not in Bristol but always available for a chat if you want to PM me.

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    Hi Sam87

    Hope you are well. I’m not near you but 2 of my children are on the autistic spectrum .

    I can totally relate to your comments regarding how other parents relate to the condition.

    Please feel free to message me if you would like to chat.

    Take care Jamiebear

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    Yes I can relate to everything you have said . I’m a single working mum with a little autistic girl. No parents and 2 siblings who have their own lives . I am still in touch with the church who runs the playgroup that i use to go to. I’m not religious and not a Christian but they always include us at Christmas and easter . We had a fab easter with our church family. Easter Egg hunt and a lovely lunch was organised over the weekend . I took some home made tray bakes to thank them and they helped me with my little girl . My brother and sister turned up unexpected with easter gifts . We last saw my sister on 31 Dec 2017.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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