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    I have three children And work self employed 55 hours a week and my 3 year old goes to nursery for that amount of time a week. I just about keep above the breadline and run a car. My toddler shares a room with me because I can’t afford a bigger property.  I have some health issues but plod on. Just feel a bit sad as missed a lot of time with my teens as I was left a single parent. Now I am again with little one and want to spend more time with my her so much. And both my teens are failing at school and I would like to help them more but by time little one is in bed I am shattered! Weekends are spent entertaining little one and catching up on housework. Work just dominates everything. My children say I’m a workaholic but there seems no choice. I’ve cut back on everything I can. Does anyone out there get a tad tired and fed up sometimes??

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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