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    Does anyone else feel like all they do is moan and whinge and tell off their child? He’s been testing me every day it’s a new storm and I can feel I’m losing the plot, just generally fed up of being a moany shouty mum and I’m aware of it but sometimes just have a bad time of it. I always talk openly and apologize for being a whinge but I’m just so fed up! It’s hard doing it all on your own.

    Anyone else feel like this sometimes!?

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    Yes yes yes – this is also my life!
    my 3 & 6 year old are wonderful and are total terrors. My daughter told me in the car that she found me bossy this morning, I couldn’t stop laughing. I explained that if she had listened to me and got ready as I had asked her, many times, I wouldn’t have had to get cross and ‘boss her about’. It’s so tough being the only parent and not having someone else to step in when you need time out. I have started imposing a ‘mummy time out’ when I can feel myself going slightly mad – I tell the kids I need a time out, and go to another room for two minutes to get my head clear.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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