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    My Ex-Wife is the primary career for my children ages 9 and 15 ( girls ). A court order is in place from July 2021 but it’s not being adhered to by her. This is not an issue (child arrangement order).

    Put it simply the weekend just gone was my time with them but the youngest did decide to stay with mum. My other daughter stayed with me Saturday but also decided to start with mum on Sunday. My ex emailed me to say I have ****–g ruined her weekend with her partner. There are reasons they don’t want to see me she said and I must ask them. She also said I have ruined another relationship well done. Her last partner strangled my then 14-year-old but told the police she did not see it ( assault ).

    I applied to the court and she admitted what he did and the Judge signed an order to keep him away ( I was a litigant in person ) £7000 later she still blames me for destroying that relationship!

    The child in need plan followed to ask her to see danger going forward and provide a stable home without conflict ( fail ).

    I liaised with the Gateway team to air my concerns they say send a C100 to court and get Cafcas back in.

    I don’t fancy another year on forms and cost when it is her causing the issues.


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    are the gateway team backing you, as in are they saying the kids should live with you? if they are backing you, then if you go back to court, then they might order kids to live with you. I don’t understand, you mentioned you were litigant in person when you went through courts, but what is that £7000 about?

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    Hi Steve. No, the Gateway team are not interested in supporting me.  The 7k was my cost to pursue a prosecution against the abuser ( he has long gone she had a new partner who is fine). Both children nonetheless will never leave the mum. The Gateway simply says back to court and get another legal person at more cost. They think about what and how she behaves is normal

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    As Quoted “As previously advised, these concerns please continue to liaise with your CAFCASS officer and solicitor and follow their advice.

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