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    hi everyone,

    got a ‘happy issue’ today, would really appreciate any advice… my 10 & 7 yr old are massively into craft, & lately engineering/ diy building type sets…  for their birthdays & Christmas i’ve bought mini solar powered gadget thing, a hydraulic robot arm kit thing & build your own toby robot (all bought in sales with discounts!)… they are desperate to do more, but these kits are just so damn expensive i can literally only afford birthdays, Christmas etc.. looking at pin-interest & places is a bit overwhelming & usually end up only finding 1/2 an idea, involving more work than i can do. I also have mixed-ability so often too fatigued for some of the more intense projects.

    any ideas for cheap kits or projects with moving bits from recycled materials? – eldest wants to build circuits & robotic stuff… youngest likes more general ‘diy build it’. just cant afford meccano, but they have a trunk of lego! .. which is apparently boring without moving parts … (moon on a stick much!).

    any ideas would be much appreciated!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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