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    i need some advice please I have received a solicitor letter from my 6 year old sons dad, saying I need to get a solicitor because he is going for a Defined Contact Order, can I represent myself as I do not have the funds and I am in Northern Ireland not sure if I can get legal aid?


    bit of background. We split before our son was even born 1 week after his birth he sent me a solicitor letter wanting 2 afternoon and a Friday overnight stay which I just said yes to without any arguing. But last month he changed the set up each Friday he would take out son to his family but 1 Friday he would not answer my calls I found out he had been taking my son to an older woman’s house he met off PLenty of fish website and got my son to tell me lies about where he was so after a showdown where our son seen his dad scream and shout at me and go to attack me I’ve stopped the overnights but still allowing the 3hrs twice a week where I know he only has time to to him to his grandparents house so this is why he has sent me a solicitor letter.

    That incident was reported to the police.

    He also never bathed him on the overnights, he always came home on a Saturday starving and in his school uniform on a Saturday morning because he won’t buy him clothes.

    So does anyone have an idea how much going to court is gonna cost me because I will not be allowing him overnights because Also our son doesn’t want to because his dad doesn’t give him any attention. And can I represent myself?

    thanks in advance

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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