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    my ex husband took me to court to see our child I never stopped contact Just asked that he didn’t force over nights she was 3 at the time he didn’t like that so took me to court we have been and now things are in place what upsets me is he doesn’t call her last visit was 5 days ago and that’s  7200 mins since she’s last spoken to Him and I find myself getting upset by it everyone has said not to be bothered by it as that’s his problem / fault but I can’t help wanting to have ago at him for it as my child deserves better, I have told him before and he blames Work as he’s on shifts but I lived with him I was able to talk to him most of the time yet now we have separated all he does is blame Work yet in the mean time he’s got a gf and taken her on holiday and didn’t ask to see his child on his week off work !

    I don’t get why he took me to court if he doesn’t even bother to even call her he’s suppose to  call her at least 2 times in 7 days by court order I personally think he should speak to her at lease 5 mins everyday due to the fact the separation was only 6 months ago so our little one is used to seeing him but he only asked for 2 days a week to speak to her.

    He also won’t let me call her everyday when he has her for a week in July I don’t think this is fare to expected a 4yr to go days without speaking to her mum.


    I guess what I’m asking is how do I just let this go and not let it get to me ? Or how can I make things better ?

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    Hello I’m new here , can any one help regarding single parent signing on

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    I know exactly what you mean, my son only sees his dad every other weekend and it’s very rare he we call in between. But my ex doesn’t think it’s a problem. If my son asks to call his dad (he’s 4 years old) I now just let him call him and if he doesn’t answer we  turn it into a game and guess why he hasn’t answered.

    When he’s with his dad I tend to text each day to see how he is but get very short messages back and I will occasionally phone him.

    Its hard but I have to remember he is with his dad and no matter what has happened between us he will always be a good dad (when he has him).


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    I would feel happy if I thought he was a good dad but he doesn’t even come to her medical apps I tell him the dates 3 months in advance but he never comes one time he rather go shopping.

    I just don’t get how he can make out he misses her all the time and that it upsets him yet he’s the one who doesn’t try I offered him the change to pop over Christmas morning as he didn’t have work and he never showed up said he would feel to emotional ( did he not think I would be) I tried to say it’s not about him it’s about our 4 year old and she didn’t understand why he wasn’t there and it’s hard to taking it on bored when he was only 20 mins down the road and had no other commitments.

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    There are so many possibilities for solving your problems.You can contact the motivator for taking the right decision. You dont need to sacrifice in your life. You have the right to do anything. Be strong


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    Try calling Family Lives for support ideas. FREE 24 hour helpline 0808 800 2222

    Might be worth it?

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