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    I am in need for some advice please you kind people on my phone.

    A while back I separated from my ex partner. My ex partner decided to leave home and go stayed at his mother for a while, then he came back, then he went again. I understand that at the start of a separation things are not ideal so lets pass on that.  We also had holidays booked and he wanted to  come along. Although i said to him that it wasnt a great idea considering we were going to visit my home country/ family, I didnt argue  much because I want to be nice and accommodating to the father of my child.   Thinking that I wouldnt want my child to be taken away from me for 2 weeks either.

    Financially we owe a lot of money for the house, meaning that if he doesnt contribtute I am unable to pay all the mortgage my self, and if he rents elsewhere he cant pay his part of the mortgage. If i borrow money and cover all the expenses my self will he still get 50% of the sale of the house? i dont know but i dont want to lose more money.

    The most important is that i want to go back to my country. When we were on holidays are child had an amazing time with my family and the children and I think that its 100% better there. In UK ,  i am totally isolated and alone and so is our son. We see my ex partners  family every 3-4 months at best except his mum that lives close. After our separation, I am all alone and I have no support as everyone I know are back home and of course I couldnt ask for help, support from my ex family.

    I went to a lawyer for an advice because I am really struggling emotionally but the lawyer said it my cost me up to 10k and I might lose as well.

    The whole situation make me anxious and scared I will end up alone in UK. My ex says stuff to me like ‘live child here and go back and you can visit’ or ‘i cant live my friends and family’ or ‘you came here first’.

    Anyone has an advice for me ?

    Thank you

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    Hi there

    It sounds like you could do with some structured advice.  You can always contact our single parent helpline and they should be able to help you explore your options. I am also including another couple of contacts.  They hopefully will be able to help you with legal advice.  Hope this helps.

    Gingerbread Single Parent Helpline – Freephone 0808 802 0925  Opening hours:  Mon 10 – 6, Tues 10- 4, Wed 10 – 1 & 5 – 7, Thurs 10 – 4, Fri 10 – 4  They can be busy so callers can expect to wait up to 20 minutes before the call is answered.

    Rights of Women: Free, confidential legal advice by telephone for women on a wide variety of issues.

    Child Law advice service – they again provide legal advice on family law issues related to children, so if you are thinking of stopping contact they have information on their website about this, and a helpline staffed by legal specialists 0300 330 5480

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    I am from Cyprus.

    The father wishes to be involved and by all means I am not willing to stop him but I will encourage this. The deal he offered for me to visit is not feasible and he knows it as noone here in UK will be willing to assist him bringing up our child. Also he knows I do 90% of the parenting and he knows I will never leave our child.

    The support network is not just for me, in fact initially is for our child. I have a big family that I grew up with and we are very close to each other and so is the children. I offered to my ex 1)work things out between us 2) relocate with me and he can visit often his family and friends 3)let me go and until our child is old enough I am willing to visit for all my 20days holidays I will have from work. On top, I offer accommodation in Cyprus , a support system for him as well, help with the tickets as much as I can and also, he can keep the house. I am talking about daily contact, going to English School etc. What bothers me is that he only offers (realistically) me to stay in the country.

    I really dont want to end up in Court because I think it will destroy both of us. We will lose money we dont have and at the end one parent will lose resenting the other one. I dont want a Court to make decisions about us and our child, since we know each other better.

    The finances is not terribly important right now as I think sooner or later it will be resolved.

    Why wouldnt they allow a woman to go back to her country. This is not fair and its pretty much a trap. Especially is the separation is not my decision


    thank you


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    Thank you Justine, i will contact them

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    You are right, i need to have by the sounds of it more specific plan to propose.

    Regarding the holiday, I could use all the holiday to make sure our child sees dad, until our child can travel alone.

    Also, the tickets, if booked in advance you could pay only £50. I could suggest further to not pay child maintenance and use the money to visit?

    Skype contact could and i think should be every night. With the technology and internet everywhere I see no reason not to?

    About the home… He doesnt earn much so , if I take the home I doubt it he will be ever in a position to buy a house now. I put down the deposit and paid the fees.

    This is such a nightmare for everyone

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    Hi Manica, I am in a similar situation (I come from a Mediterranean country and I believe I know what you mean in terms of having family around), however I came to the conclusion it would be really unfair on my children. Obviously all depends on the circumstances, but you’d have to prove you will be able to support financially your children there and how, you’ll provide suitable accommodation and why it’d be better for the children there. My kids are British, I have been living here for over a decade, I built a good network  and I have a permanent job here (which I wouldn’t be able to have back home). The main point however is that they have a father who wants to be involved and taking that from them would be a mistake on my part. Sunshine and cousins are important, but a loving father is more important and children do come first.Whatever decision you make, it’ll take time to implement it. So I’d suggest building the network you need in the UK in the meantime as this would help massively in the time being. Good luck with your choice

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    Hi Valina,


    You are right, if my child was 10 even started school I wouldn’t think the same. Its more difficult as they get older

    However my child just turned two and not him or me have a circle. His dad will go out and meet his family and all and we are at home.

    Financially I came to the conclusion that I am better off there because I already have a place to stay.

    I dont want to take their father away, but i think he already removed himself from the picture, he is not offering any financial support his effort is below minimum

    Also dad says that wants to get involved and all but he is not actually being involved. ie: he doesnt spend his time off with him but only the time he wants to which is 1-2 hours a day if that. For example now he is on holiday for 3 days and last night i called him to ask if he wanted to speak to our child and  he said : I will not need to speak to you until i am back. That really pissed me off to tell you the truth. What kind of father that wants to be involved says that?  I actually came to think that he wants me around to raise our child while he lives his life.

    I dont think he cares about our child but he cares about making me miserable.

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    Hi Manica, I would advise consulting a lawyer and do a lot of prep. You will be requested to prove that moving is in the interest of the child and the father is still having daily contact (not sure about the telephone call, to be honest. I don’t think talking with a 2yo over the phone would make a lot of sense. But I know what you mean, he could have made an effort). Is there a reason why you don’t have a network? if you live in a small town, maybe moving somewhere bigger where there are plenty of activities for children going on so you can also socialise with other parents? I live in a medium sized city and there is a big community of my nationality, which helps a lot.

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    Hi Valina,

    thank you for the message.

    We were initially living elsewhere where i had friends but we moved to this area to be close to his friends and family and buy a house since we were having a baby. After I gave birth I am not as social and also I have a child which limits the times I can go out. Also.. not a lot of people around from where I come from. I know a few but they are all couples and not into socializing. Also, noone liked my ex so we dont meet much. Even if i moved back to where i have friends and a GR community it will be as difficult for the father to visit as to come to my home country… ( i thought of that)

    Dont get me wrong, I know people here. But its not the same as family. Friends will visit and we will meet them but families are different. It takes a village to raise a child and me and my mother is hardly a village.. .

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