Advice Please! Single Parent with 5 year old son who has cerebral palsy.

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    <span class=”s1″>Hi Everyone! </span>

    <span class=”s1″>I’m trying to make this as short as possible. </span>

    <span class=”s1″>I’m after some advice and support – I have a 5 year old son with Hypertonic Cerebral Palsy (From birth), I am a single parent and have been since Alexander was born. </span>

    <span class=”s1″>We have moved back to the UK (October 21st) from Australia as I was born here and most of my family are here also – I thought I was making the right decision in moving us back here so Alexander could have better support and a better education. </span>

    <span class=”s1″>To say I’m stressed and exhausted is an understatement! I have been told we are not eligible for DLA or any mobility allowance for two years!! What am I meant to do with transport and financially? I can not work yet as Alexander is still waiting to be assessed for an Education Health Care Plan (over 20 weeks now!) SENDIASS have advised me to put Alexander into a mainstream school while he waits to be put into a special school, he can not walk independently, stand or even communicate without his PODD book. How am I meant to feel that he is safe in a mainstream without that one on one support! They have now told me it could be as long as September to get him into school! That means he has been without an education for a year. </span>

    <span class=”s1″>I am getting no financial or housing support from the local government, I have tried and they say I have to wait two years! We are British Citizens and I always have been, it’s frustrating and I’m regretting coming back to my home country thinking it was for the best. </span>

    <span class=”s1″>If anyone could point me in the right direction where I can go or even speak to someone that would be great! </span>

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    It sounds like you’re in a very difficult situation and may need some specialist advice. Contact is an charity which provides advice and support to families with disabled children. You can contact their free helpline on 0808 808 3555. You could also contact the Gingerbread free single parent helpline on 0808 802 0925.

    Best wishes,




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