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    Good afternoon I’m really in need of some advice please, my daughter is nearly 10 and her dad has seen her most sundays from 10-4, he has always been very on and off depending if he had other plans, she wanted more as she grew up and we tried to get him to see her more and be more involved in her life, he refused (all documented) now as she’s nearly 10 I managed to get him to agree to have her stay for a weekend…..this didn’t end well he dropped her back at 11pm and she was sobbing and had been calling me crying she didn’t want to stay as he had let her play computer games all evening then deciding at 9.30 ish it was bedtime and as he has a new girlfriend his daughter isn’t allowed in his room he put her into a room with no light or tv and she felt very alone and upset he just dropped her home, he also has another child with a previous partner and most sundays my daughter returns angry and upset and says she has had to ‘babysit’ her little sister while he didn’t do anything…..she is now refusing to go and getting very upset and angry at the thought of going, he has also been quite rude and nasty about my to our daughter and she doesn’t like that. I don’t know what to do? I’ve tried so much and now he is calling me saying I’m making her not want to come (I am not!) and that he will have to go to court as our daughter is not old enough to decide and basically I should make her go??? He also has sent forceful messages to her about her going and how he will be there and she will be going with him even if she doesn’t want to. Please help!!! I can’t cope with the abuse and rudeness he gives me for much longer 🙁 Thankyou so much in advance.

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    I think in this situation you can try encourage your child to go and stay with him, but if she doesn’t want to, then don’t force her. if her dad wants to apply to court then maybe that can resolve the situation in long-term.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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