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    Hello, looking for some advice please! My husband left me and moved out of our marital home. All the mortgage and bills are in his name. I applied for universal credit and haven’t received anything towards the housing. I have always paid towards the mortgage and so have said with the UC i receive i can cover all the household bills and 1/3 of the mortgage. He has now come back to me and said that he cannot afford the 2/3 of the mortgage plus the child maintenance. As after his outgoings at his new place plus mortgage and maintenance he will have less than £100. Where do I stand on the mortgage as it’s on his name but I am in the house with the kids.

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    If you’re renting from him and have a lease uc will pay an amount. If not enough to cover the rent you have two options pay the difference or find a cheaper home.

    Technically as married you’d be entitled to equity and this may take you over the threshold for benefit support.

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    Hi Mumof2boys

    Its important that you get the right information so you can make informed choices about your situation.  Please feel free to call our single parent helpline.  They will be busy today, so expect to wait for your call to be answered, but all calls will be free.  Here are their details and I hope that helps, Justine

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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