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    Sylvia Garden

    Sorry that this is a long and complicated post. My husband left in February as he couldn’t live with the dog we bought for our daughter. Our daughter has attachment issues and I was concerned that giving her dog away would just add to this. He said repeatedly that we hadnt split up. If I got rid of the dog he would return home. I knew he had started a new relationship and confronted him. He denied it repeatedly and continued to say we hadnt split up. We went on family days together, he had a key and continued to come and go as if it was still his home. He didnt move any of his things out of our home.  I found his girlfriend on instagram and she had pics of them both all over it. I confronted him again. He came home. Said he wants to make it work with his family. If I didnt have kids I would never see him again. However, I really want to keep our family together. I can forgive  what’s happened but he hasnt ended it with the other woman. He still sees her once a week. Says she is his friend. I told him to leave, he wont. When he is here everything is lovely. We are getting on better than ever but I will not allow this double life to carry on.  He says he is back, he is just scared that things wont work with me and he with have nothing. Any ideas?

    Thank you x

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    Hello 😊

    “If I didn’t have kids I would never see him again”

    Says it all hunny, always always know your worth xx

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    Sylvia Garden

    Thank you! I pretty much said the same to him. I don’t want our daughter growing up thinking this situation is ok. He said he just needs time. I’ve tried kicking him out, he won’t go. So, so fed up xxx

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