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    Currently going through separation where I can not go back.

    I am currently employed however can not make ends mean due to child care rent food etc on my own.

    If i were to give up work due to my change in situation sign on and asking for housing, would they say no due to me giving up my job?

    Trying to understand if you can only seek help via benefits if you have been sacked.


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    Hi Gsmith,

    Thank you for posting on the forum. The rules for giving up work voluntarily and claiming benefits can be complex and we would advise to get some specialist advice before making the decision. You can call our free helpline and speak to one of our advisers about your situation.

    Best wishes


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    A benefit calculator like will give you an idea of your entitlement in different scenarios.

    Much will depend on:

    • Shared savings amount
    • Whether have a mortgage or property
    • Age of youngest child

    Universal credit will pay upto 85% of  childcare costs. If youngest is under three, not 3 or above, then yes you’d be sanctioned for resigning in a nutshell.

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    Thank you for replying.

    I don’t have mortgage or property my son is 18months and I dont have any savings.

    When you say sanctioned to resign do you mean it would be okay to resign then sign on?

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    Yes with a child of that age you can opt to be a sahm and they cannot question it. You’d be entitled to uc.

    bear in mind that there’s a five week waiting period for us payments from applying the first time. And if this overlapped with wages you earned being paid out you’d receive a different amount to the next month.

    Off the top of my head if not claiming housing costs with one child you’d receive about £520-30 a month.

    You may well find that remaining in work and claiming gets you into a much healthier position.

    dont forget your ex needs to pay maintenance too!

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    I think I am planning to remain in work. Currently working 39 hrs and earning 1900 a month.

    I’ve done different calculators. But if I were to get 500 UC onto of my wage I would be absolutely fine. Is that what you mean?


    Working full time and 1.5 year old are there any other benefits I would be entitled too? Where would I sign up to these.


    Great help thank you x

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    No you’d get the 530 if not working. Once you earned more than 400 something you’d lose 63p of this allowance for every pound over the 400.

    youd be unlikely to get any benefits on a net salary of nearly 23k, 30k gross.

    However you’d obviously get maintenance from your ex.

    If you reduced your hours so your take home pay was say 1200 a month you’d get 150 ish in uc. So for that level of income you’ll need to remain working. And negotiate childcare costs with your ex.


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